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By using the WAP uploader - you can directly transfer the - files form your PC to your WAP /gprs - enabled phone via GPRS .WAP uploader -is 100% free .Fultoomobile wap uploader dosent require any registration and is very easy to use. -  Hindi Ringtones Hindi Ringtones Bollywood Mobile Wallpapers Funny and Free SMS WAP Uploader
The latest free ringtones to download to your mobile - new ringtones, pop ringtones, Warren G ringtones for all cell phone models available.
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Abdul Aqeel said
on 25 Oct 2007, 17:22
i want download this but i connt. plz help me
Milind said
on 23 Nov 2007, 15:42
I able to uplode but unable to redownlode the same file . P'z help me about that.
Admin said
on 23 Nov 2007, 22:55
Hello Milind,

Can you please tell us what kind of error message are you getting ?It will be very helpful to fix this problem.
OUR database shows that you tried to download using nokia 3220 ! Is it correct

Bhusan said
on 23 Dec 2007, 02:00
this is bhusan. i m facing the following problem :
while a select a file with extension .NTH (for Nokia 6030), the file which actually gets downloaded has the extension .TXT, the file format which is not supported by the phone(Nokia 6030).
but the service is excellent in case of ringtones!! thank you and keep it up!!
thiru said
on 05 Jan 2008, 07:07
i can upload my file from pc,but i can't download to my mobile please help me....
thiru said
on 05 Jan 2008, 07:08
i can upload my file from pc,but i can't download to my mobile please help me.if i download it always saying page not found...
rajbha said
on 23 Jan 2008, 22:02
free ring softwer pic mp3 dowenload
Asim said
on 25 Jan 2008, 07:57
Hi nice website man... keep the good work up.
shiva said
on 30 Jan 2008, 03:17
excellent service.....
balaji said
on 06 Mar 2008, 20:13
its gooooooooood
hari said
on 22 Mar 2008, 22:16
hey! i cannot uderstand so pleas help me
admin said
on 17 Apr 2008, 12:06
Service test - OK
Najeeb said
on 02 May 2008, 12:45
Thank you very much 4 this site.
Sudhanshu kumar said
on 01 Jun 2008, 06:04
I don't know to save the old movie ringtone.
sunita.pawar! said
on 05 Jun 2008, 02:58
Each time i try to download a ringtone it gives me memory full message.though i have unused memory in my phone
Happy Jain said
on 08 Jun 2008, 04:04
Usman said
on 28 Aug 2008, 06:34
When i tried to download the .nth file i uploaded on my Nokia 6070, i am also getting the message memory full meggase.. what should i do admin?
Admin said
on 28 Aug 2008, 07:17
Its a bug on Nokia 6070 and few other Series 40 OS based phone.
Jatin said
on 21 Oct 2008, 11:08
archu said
on 25 Nov 2008, 15:19
HikaruShirou said
on 04 Jan 2009, 04:44
Phone Model: Sanyo
Model Number: SCP3200

Error Messege: The Requested Page can not be displayed.

This is when I go to download the file. I can get to the site, enter the code number, see the download page, but when I "click to download" that error shows up. Is my phone not compatible?
Lisa said
on 22 Jan 2009, 16:40
Hi HikaruShirou,
I had the same problem but if you refresh the page on yr phone it with sort the problem x
Saurabh said
on 05 Feb 2009, 16:53
The site is a very important and free.
Shiva Kumar said
on 11 Jul 2009, 20:08
I Can't Undestand Tel Me Clearly
kamesh said
on 04 Aug 2009, 11:49
I like this song verymuch
_ally said
on 03 Oct 2009, 18:23
nice patch to cover alt file archieving
Amit Sonthalia said
on 12 Oct 2009, 14:35
Awesum service plz keep it free uptill possible.....thanks for making work easier
Baap said
on 24 Nov 2009, 16:36
kuch matlab ka bhi daal diya karo main hindi ringtones dudh raha hu samjhe par milti he nehi hai
Joyce Marnu said
on 24 Dec 2009, 09:22
Hey Team...!

Fab site - trying to download as per your instructions but after entering ID code on mobile wapsite, I receive error message saying "404 Not Found - The requested URL/upload/tmpfiles/626223.mp3 was not found on this server". My handset is Samsung B3210. Please advise without too much IT jargon!

Thanks loads...
irfan khan said
on 20 Mar 2010, 12:45
hi Hello friends i am irfan khan from sikar rajasthan i will study bad thanks for making work
irfan khan said
on 20 Mar 2010, 12:46
hi Hello friends i am irfan khan from sikar rajasthan i will study thanks for making work
jabs said
on 22 Mar 2010, 14:48
andrew said
on 27 Apr 2010, 11:56
at first i thought these were bot comments but now i see its not ))
amazing thanks !!! it works smooth :D
hakam singh said
on 16 Sep 2010, 21:55
prononline31  said
on 31 Oct 2010, 22:43
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prononline31р said
on 01 Nov 2010, 08:26
Akshay said
on 13 Dec 2010, 06:39
i uploaded .zip file but now i am unable to download it in my cell , it states no file found. please help
John said
on 19 Jan 2011, 06:50
Hello borther
Girish said
on 27 Jan 2011, 14:55
Awesome work. This site really helped me a lot. Thank you very much.
shankar said
on 05 Feb 2011, 20:46
Thanks for this site ,what time it takens to delete from server i mean with in how many hours this file downloads
Vyacheslav Grzhibovskiy said
on 13 Feb 2011, 04:55
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Antropusx said
on 12 May 2012, 19:43
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The dark green color would fit perfectly xD
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Dantes said
on 16 May 2012, 05:41
The only site that helped me download the AMR ( one missed call ) audio file that i could not upload to any site in order to download with my old stupid good job and thanks ;)
Dantes said
on 16 May 2012, 05:42
This SITE is going on my favourites :D
keith said
on 26 May 2012, 08:34
hai, i'm from philippines. i can't access the page from my mobile is already gprs activated.
what should i do y.y
keith said
on 26 May 2012, 08:36
my mobile is SE-w200i...says that "communication failure. Try again or contact your operator for support."
umeshyadav said
on 25 Jun 2012, 09:46
saleem zounr said
on 28 Jun 2012, 22:57
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Bilal said
on 18 Sep 2012, 00:04
Hi, am i trying to download from a blackberry 8520 but its not letting me select the dowload link after entering the code.
please help
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Pradyumnamajhi said
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